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    Weather Madness
  • So far this fall here in the foothills is reminiscent of falls we experienced in the 1970’s. Late September produced two mornings of frost, October colors came in much earlier than recent years, and after a week of milder weather in early November the cool weather returned. One morning over the weekend produced a low temperature of 15. It has…Read More

  • Here in the Appalachian Foothills, signs of an early fall (muscadines came in a month early, pine needles began to fall about 3 weeks ago) and a harsh winter (inside of a persimmon is showing a spoon) has me believing the Old Farmer’s Almanac’s Winter Forecast. Will be interesting to see the outcome and see if the signs bear true.

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  • Less than an inch out of the storm here at my house (extreme SE TN). I’m in the Appalachian foothills. Elevation here is around 1500. Strange storm. Some areas lower in elevation actually received more than here. NWS forecast 3-8 inches for here. My gut feeling was right. In order for the Chattanooga Area of SE TN to get substantial snow amounts,…Read More

  • My gut feeling is that Southeast TN will be in the snow hole as the energy from the system is transferred from the midwest low to the low reforming close to the coast, thus the Smokies and NC Mountains and points NE will get the brunt of this. Had a similar situation a few years ago. Our big snows here always come from a low pressure forming in…Read More

  • Rainfall total for 2021 was 80.48 inches here. That’s almost 18 inches more than what Chattanooga received! Praying for a much drier year for 2022.

  • With weekend rains the total on my PWS for the year is now over 78 inches. Over the last five years this area (Southeast TN east of Chatt) has averaged around 80 inches of rain per year. Simply amazing! The top five wettest cities in the U.S. average below 70 inches per year. I will post the yearly total on Jan 1.