• The rain edging away from Manhattan, seen from Queens this afternoon…

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  • A couple of smoky pics of Manhattan and Queens I took last eve…

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  • Snapped this pic of Central Park in NYC today. The sky could not be clearer!

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  • It feels a lot like the past few winters here in NYC – unusually mild for most of it and then along comes March and we get one or two big snowstorms. The problem is that by then Spring weather is encroaching already and any snow that falls melts away pretty fast. It just isn’t the same as it used to be with big snowy January and February winters…Read More

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    • Cold weather in March, April and May is no big deal in Central PA. Happens a lot. Seems to be the norm anymore.I think it was 2017 it snowed 6-7 days the first 14 of April. They were onion snows nothing real deep. Two years ago Memorial day was wet and 40’s. Snow in March is common. I always call it flood snow. Just because like you say it snows…Read More

    • Up here in NW Mass, at the Vermont southern boarder it is the same story although we do get more snow typically than down in the NYC area. The snow we received today is quickly melting away as the ground is not frozen anymore so it melts quickly. I better hop on my snowmobile tomorrow or miss the opportunity from the storm.

  • We have a thunderstorm this evening here in NYC. The most exciting weather we’ve experienced in weeks. Unless you find cloudy skies and spring-like warmth in January exciting.

  • The polar front is moving through NYC, I snapped this video on my air conditioner just now 🙂 Looks like the front is moving through with some sleet?

  • If you hate snow and ice, move to New York City. The only northern city apparently that gets tropical rainstorms during the winter. You can’t make this …. up. 🙂

  • I figured I’d check out the drought conditions. The most dramatic change over the past month or so has been in Texas.

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  • Found this on one of the news sites, written this past June:

    While the Golden State can occasionally get hit by moisture-laden remnants of a tropical storm or hurricane in the eastern Pacific Ocean, getting a direct strike from a storm is exceedingly rare there – records indicate perhaps once a century.
    The last and only tropical storm to m…Read More

  • Finally… we are getting some actual thunderstorm activity in Queens today. Though it is weird how it still seems to be struggling to get really drenching downpours like we typically do this time of the year.

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    • Just as you were writing this comment we got a little more of a downpour, lasted about 10 minutes, but at least the dog poo on the sidewalks is probably gone 🙂

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