• 18z GFS bringing the storm back the West Virginia and the mid Atlantic states…it’s persistent I’ll give it that…lol!!!

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    • This whole thing is ridculous. 6z on 12 z off 18z on again. ukmet is actually showing some snow now….. just not the same bomb. believe it when i see it.

  • yup! just as suspected the GFS 12z run looses the storm surpassed it further south and off the coast. Maybe after the 20th we will see some snow action.

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  • im with you Henry on this weekends storm….things are not lining up for what the GFS is saying and I’m expecting the GFS to shove if off to the south by the 12z run…

  • It doesn’t matter! the overall general tone of this blog has been negative and at sometimes rude towards someone who doesn’t control the weather they just share their professional opinion about what they think may happen. If you can’t handle the fact that it’s not snowing your back yard don’t blame a

  • Still there…🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    • AO and NAO positive not sure that’s the track. But hey, we usually get crappy weather in the middle of February every year. Why should this year be different. lol

      • yeah but that just means the storm is going to zip through and not bomb out along the coast, Which is still better than nothing if it does happen

  • This looks pretty cold to me…

  • Bingo! front row! for next weekend! Let’s see if it stays on the maps

  • Folks…La Niña has dominated the east coast for few winter seasons now. It has to completely die out before we on the east coast see any chance for big blockbuster winter storm like the old days. Not to mention the PNA and NAO has to play along and right now none them are playing very well together, so we just keep getting these close call kick…Read More

  • At this point…I really don’t care about snow in the mid Atlantic states anymore as La Nina has robbed us for the last 3+ years of a snowy winter. I’m more excited for El Niño to bring a nice cool rainy summer to the mid Atlantic for a change…..been dealing with nasty hot dry summers for a while so a nice change would be good, hoping for some…Read More

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