• Henry, since the last storm ended, this chat site has been pretty quiet. I think the snow “haves” are now satisfied, and the “have nots” have moved on. Everyone is looking for spring!

  • Bucks County PA – Light snow showers and 32F with increasing wind

  • Henry, how about Bucks County (Doylestown area) for the “Big Daddy”…. or anything next week? We are always on the edge with an inch or less before a change over to rain. Some winters we are in the sweet spot with lighter snow to the northwest and the change to a mix to the south closer to Philly.

    Henry, looks like you got 20-30 in with this one.

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  • Bucks County PA: 36 and raining. Falling temp suggests same pattern as last week – rain to snow and back to rain again with light accumulation that disappears overnight.

  • To all northern Mid Atlantic Snowbirds:
    March has arrived. A flock of Canada geese landed this morning in the open field behind our house. Robins returned last week. I moved the snow blower (UNUSED) to the back of the garage and the lawn mower to the front. Now, surely, the March Blizzard of 23 will come!

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    • I had blue birds out here checking the bird houses out. I heard red wing black birds. Robins were playing hanky panky out here. My daffodils have buds on them. Seems a little early this year.

    • I have yet to use my snowblower this year. Not enough snow when it did snow.

  • Bucks County PA at 9PM: 32 degrees and snowing! FINALLY, the grass and sidewalks are white. I forgot what winterized to look like.

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  • Rain mixed with sleet with strong wind in Buck PA at 4:45. Temp fell from 46 to 38 in last hour. Looking at the radar. I don’t think it will be enough to change to snow. Maybe the next storm!

  • High temp in Bucks County PA was 53 – well short of the 65-70 promised by the TV services last evening. But with bright sunshine, not a bad day for Feb. Thinking of taking up the driveway snow stakes. I figure that would guarantee a March blizzard!

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  • Sleet and rain now in Bucks County PA at noon. Temp 40. A small flock of Robins that arrived this morning are foraging for food in the field behind our house. They will enjoy the 60s predicted for tomorrow.

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