Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
  • When I didn’t see Henry giving an update on Labor Day I figured that he was just taking a well deserved holiday break. But now it is getting concerning for sure. He usually lets everyone know when he is going be away on a trip, etc. Hope all is well.

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  • I measured 1.08 inches (27.43 mm) of rain this morning from yesterday and last evening thunderstorms at my location about 4 miles south of downtown Bellefonte.

  • Have a very happy father’s day Henry! Fortunately, it’s a beautiful day for it.

  • Here just outside of Bellefonte, there was mostly some strong wind gusts and some rather impressive lightning. Rainfall amounted to 0.59 inch.

  • Total rainfall here at Graystone, Bellefonte was 2.49 inches. Looking at Spring Creek at Fisherman’s Paradise it is running pretty high and swift.

  • I read in the paper this morning that Portland, OR had their latest snow on record. The airport reported an inch but outlying suburbs had several inches that led to schools being closed. You mentioned seeing snow in May here. When I first arrived in PA from the West Coast in early May of 1988, we had snow showers a couple of days later. Yes, it…Read More

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    • I was in Providence RI May 9, 1977 when we had 7″ of snow. I have to go back and check the stats on that storm, it must have been something else to create that much snow right near the coast.

  • On the time change issue, I really don’t care which one they choose, but I don’t like this twice a year changing of the clocks, especially the “spring forward” to DST. If I were to choose, I would keep it Standard Time year round. Yes it is darker in the evening during the winter, but in spring and summer, the days are longer anyway. which way it…Read More

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  • I pretty much agree with your latest analysis of the upcoming storm. With the way this storm is tracking right now, I do see some mixing even here in the central mountains. It is hard for us to get all snow events with the current set up unless the primary low tracks just off the coast and we don’t get the warm air aloft changing it over to…Read More

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    • yeah I pretty much over this storm down in MD and south central PA, looking for other possibilities on the maps. If your getting a ton of snow enjoy!

  • I fully agree with you on social media. I got rid of Twitter a couple of years ago, but still have a Facebook (Farcebook) account only because there are some groups that I belong to that are of interest and some of my family as well. Otherwise, I would ditch it too! Keep up the wonderful work.


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