• Here near Elizabethtown, 1.61” rainfall and about 3/4” snow and temp 31°. Wonderful! ☺️😀 Was hoping this would last to Christmas (Sarc). Especially with that extended temp trend. 😡🥵

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  • Another storm being pushed west of the area that’s been so dry, seems all year… Is there a meteorological reason that this area keeps missing the rain and snow that was missed in 22-23?

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    Those 2-3 storms in late Oct, early Nov had the storms off shore till they got to New England. Some say those early storms show where the snow will be in the winter. Your maps lately show this idea… I HOPE YOUR RIGHT ABOUT THE STORMS OFF NJ AND MID ATLANTIC . Each winter it’s the same thing, it’s Nov then Dec then it’s Jan and we run out of time…Read More

    • I’m feeling the theme this year again hopefully I’m wrong but you’re right it’s always 2nd week in December 3rd week in January 1st week in February before you know it its March,every time you get a little hope it changes back to rainy and warmer,12 z just did it again,south east ridge is doing it again and again!!

    • I agree. The driving factors might be different, but the theme is nearly identical so far: rumors of storms by the models that vanish or end up wet rather than white. I’m sure many of us are wondering if this is not another overall mild winter similar to the previous several; though last year was a little better here in northern New England.…Read More

      • yup, been week to week for a while now and still no reason to change away from this footing. the longer term projections are not actualizing, the overall warmth with brief shots of cold air persist. hoping to be wrong but expecting otherwise.

  • Don’t know if I like that HRRR model for Saturday. Some how LancasterCo is in a area void of much rain! What say you? How this area stays away from rain…I DONT KNOW! Must be bad mojo. 😂🤣

    • Hope its dry for the Iowa Penn State game. But doesn’t look like it. Figures, never fails. Big games like this and they have to play in a monsoon. Sucks for the fans and tailgating too.

    • Same for York County…this is why there is a drought….lol!!! hope this trend doesn’t translate to a snow hole this winter…LOL

  • I was the same as you when I was a kid in Steelton, near Harrisburg. I used to get The Patriot News from Hbg., and go to the weather page and look to see the the snow on the map. I used to recall that there was quite a few big snowstorms that formed the Low over the Texas panhandle or OK. Then come east and up the coast!? Always loved the snow…Read More

  • What a surprise yesterday was, 9/17 ! Here near Elizabethtown we were gifted between 3/4 – 1” rainfall… and the grass, peppers and fall crops loved it. I had .80” rainfall and it was so nice sitting on the patio, yes it was covered, and watching the rain in a sweatshirt!

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  • Great site with all the maps. But I’m trying to find one that gives Southcentral Pa more rain. Over the past week, near Elizabethtown, received just about an inch or so. We’re in some kind of area that, well, … look.

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  • I’m ready for an ugly fall, anything but this heat! A little rain in this area would be a miracle. I see the possibility of severe weather Wednesday? And the tropical system being pushed off the coast
    . And the fall forecast has colors that say less precipitation then other places… then walking outdoors the past two days, heat and this scene…

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    • YUP my lawn looks the same, now it’s not dead, but has decided to go dormant due to the heat and lake of rain, so it’s protecting the root system. As soon as it rains it’ll pop up green again but…it has to rain often to stay green. I tried chasing our drought with a water hose and sprinkler and got slapped with a $400.00 water bill, so I said…Read More

    • but yeah most of south central PA looks like that due to lack of rain, lake beds are drying up as well, most of south central PA is under a burn ban, no fire pits, grills, trash burning or any outdoor burning.

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  • Got a question for you Henry, why is that cluster of storms look to be moving south, southwest… if it’s hot air moving NE? Curious because of the dry weather here in Southcentral Pa. Near Lanc.

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